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Frank Dolan – 2013
Matt Edelman – 2014
Dr. Isaac Takyi – 2015  
Joseph D. Tario – 2016  
Athena Hutchins – 2017
Christopher Jones – 2017
ITS-NY “Dotty Drinkwater”
Distinguished Member Award

(Renamed in 2019)

Dr. Robert S. Jaffe – 2019


2013 Inaugural Inductees

Henry Peyrebrune, 1st ITS-NY President

Larry Yermack, 2nd ITS-NY President

Andy Bata, 4th ITS-NY President

Rick Zabinski, 8th ITS-NY President

Matt Edelman

Mike Schauer

John Shafer

Tom Werner

2014 Inductees

Frank Dolan 

Ed Roberts

2015 Inductees

Dr. Robert Jaffe

Jonathan McDade

Dr. IsaacTakyi, 11th ITS-NY President

2016 Inductee

Walter Dunn, Jr.,  

2017 Inductee  

Dr.Raman K. Patel

2018 Inductees

Tom Batz

Steven Galgano

Fred Lai

2019 Inductees

Rizwan Baig

Dotty Drinkwater

Jeff Randall, 12th ITS-NY President

Emilio Sosa

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dotty Drinkwater – 2019


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ITS-NY 26th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition, June 13-14, 2019 — Click Below to See the Presentations:

Opening Keynote by ITS America 

Spotlight Presentation:  FHWA Connected‐Automated Vehicle Research Updates

Panel 1: There’s an App for That!

Panel 2: Solutions for the First/Last Mile Challenge

Panel 3: Connected and Automated Vehicles – Hadn’t Thought of That

Panel 4: Advanced Technology in Smaller Communities

Panel 5: The Future of Mobility – MaaS and MOD

Congratulations to Dr. Robyn Marquis, 2019 Presidential Appreciation Award Winner!

Congratulations to our 2019 ITS-NY Project of the Year Award Winners!

Outstanding ITS-NY Project of the Year – Technology Innovation
Automatic Train Control (ATC)
Siemens Industry, Inc
Daidon-Aldridge, Joint Venture
PBS Engineering & Associates, PC
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc
Outstanding ITS-NY Project of the Year – Transportation Management
New York City Sub Regional Architecture 2018-2019 Update
Consensus Systems Technologies

Outstanding ITS-NY Project of the Year – Transportation Management Systems
ITS Asset Management Portal/Citywide Enterprise Asset Management Systems
Fortis Consulting Services Corp.


Outstanding ITS-NY Project of the Year – Innovative Transportation Systems
Joint Transportation Management Center – New York City Green Data Center Initiative
Fortis Consulting Services Corp.

ITS-NY 25TH ANNUAL MEETING AND TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION, JUNE 14-15, 2018, Saratoga Springs, NY…Click Here for the Presentations! Click Here  for photos of the 25th Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition.  And, Click Here for photos of the 25th Annual Meeting Celebratory Dinner Cruise and Awards.

Congratulations to our 2018 ITS-NYProject of the Year Award Winner: SPATEL TI-MED Origin-Destination Analysis Tool, by TRANSCOM and its partners Coval Systems Inc. and Infosenseglobal Solutions.




All Presentations – Click Here to Download (very large file – 36.7 MB)

Panel 1 – ITS – Changing the Way We Do Business – Click Here to Download (7.1 MB)

Luncheon Keynote by Cordell Schachter, NYCDOT, ITS America Board of Directors – Click Hereto Download (1.6 MB)

Panel 2 – Disruptive Technologies – Click Here to Download (13.2 MB)

Panel 3 – The Human Ingredient – Click Here to Download (5.7 MB)

Panel 4 – Using ITS for Performance Assessment – Click Here to Download (5.2 MB)

Panel 5 – ITS Security – Click Here to Download (3.8 MB)


ITS-NY 23rd Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition

June 9-10, 2016 — See listing below to download presentations and photos…     

All Presentations – Click Here to Download (very large file – 41 MB)

Panel 1 – Drones and Transportation Applications –Click Hereto Download (9.2 MB)

Luncheon Keynote by Robert Arnold, FHWA – Click Hereto Download (2.5 MB)

Panel 2 – Real-Time Data for Transit Mobility – Click Here to Download (5.9 MB)

Panel 3 – Connections:  Connected Vehicles and Corridors – Click Here to Download (8 MB)

Panel 4 – Transforming Infrastructure and Enhancing Sustainability – Click Here to Download (5.3 MB)

Panel 5 – Where ITS is Headed…the Road to Tomorrow – Click Here to Download (11.3 MB)

23rd Annual Meeting Awards Session Photos-Click Here to Download

23rd Annual Meeting Sponsors and Exhibitors Photos – Click Here to Download

ITS-NY Best Student ITS Essay 2016 – Click Here to Download.

ITS-NY 22nd Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition 

“ITS:  Looking Forward”

June 11-12, 2015


Click on the links below…

All Presentations – 47 MB 

Panel 1:  ITS and Big Data – 16 MB

Panel 2:  Security and ITS – 4.8 MB

Panel 3:  Bridging Institutional Boundaries to Make a Difference: Have Regional ITS Architectures and Open Standards/Protocols Delivered ITS Services that Matter? –6.1 MB

Panel 4:  ITS Operations in Severe Weather – 7.9

Panel 5:  The Frontier of ITS – 7.7 MB  

Luncheon Keynote:  New York State Thruway – 21.2 MB

PHOTOS – these are large files:  

Exhibitors 1

Exhibitors 2

Exhibitors 3  

Opening Session  

Awards Session Part 1  

Awards Session Part 2  

Awards Session Part 3  


More Networking

And More Networking


2014 ITS-NY

21st Annual Meeting Presentations

and Photos

 June 12-13, 2014

Click on the Panel Links and Photo Links below to See the ITS-NY 21st Annual Meeting Presentations and Photos…

All Presentations – June 12 – 13, 2014  (Speaker Photos included; 67.3 MB)

June 12, 2014:

Panel 1 – Active Transportation and Demand Management/Integrated Corridor Management(Speaker Photos included; 5.3 MB)

Luncheon Keynote – MAP 21 Reauthorization (1.7 MB)

Panel 2 – Rural Traffic Management

(Speaker Photos included; 10.3 MB)

Spotlight Presentation – Protecting ITS Networks (2.6 MB)

Panel 3 – ITS and Mega Projects (Speaker Photos included; 27.6 MB)

June 13, 2014:

Panel 4 – Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

(Speaker Photos included; 19.5 MB)

Panel 5 – Smart Cities (Speaker Photos included; 2.5 MB)

Photos of Keynoters,Sponsors,Exhibitors,and Attendees (4.2 MB)

Awards Session PhotosDistinguished Member, Hall of Fame, Best Student ITS Essay Winner, Special Service Awards, and Project of the Year Award Winners (2.6 MB)

Click Here to Read the 2014 Best Student ITS Essay.

2013 ITS-NY 20th Annual Meeting

and Technology Exhibition

The Past, Present, and Future of ITS

June 13-14, 2013; Saratoga Springs, New York

Click below to view and download the presentations… 

All Presentations – June 13-14, 2013 (53MB)

Presentations– June 13, 2013 (30MB)

Presentations – June 14, 2014 (24 MB)

2012 ITS-NY Nineteenth Annual Meeting and Technology Exhibition – Efficiency and ITS, June 7-8, 2012, Saratoga Springs, New York…Click below to view and download the presentations from this informative event.

All Presentations – June 7-8, 2012 (44MB)

Luncheon Keynote by ITS America’s Scott Belcher, CEO (1.1MB)

Awards Session including Project of the Year Presentations and Photos (12.7MB)

Photos from the 2012 Annual (1.6MB)

ITS-NY Spring 2012 Forum

April 12, 2012 Presentations

“Managing Weather-Related Events with ITS Technologies”

 All Presentations – 33.3 MB

Panel 1 Presentations – Managing Operations during Weather Related Events – 13.5 MB

Panel 2 Presentations – Enhancing Traveler Information during Weather Related Events– 5.6 MB

Panel 3 Presentations – Fleet Management during Weather Emergencies– 4.2 MB  

Panel 4 Presentations – Enhanced Technologies for Weather Emergencies– 10.3 MB